Political system in Great Britain – lekcja B1+

Do you know how the British political system works? Today, I have a very creative lesson proposition for English teachers and for all learners who like to improve their English on various topics. Let’s start!

Political system of Great Britain makes us feel puzzled. It seems significantly different than our country’s familiar system, and not many go to details to reveal its twists and turns (zawiłości). Today I did it for you. I actually spent a couple of hours analysing the video material and making tasks that are perfect for B1+ learners and students. I hope you will find the lesson noteworthy and compelling.

There are more lessons and worksheets ready for download here, in the Teacher’s area. In almost every post on this blog, you will find copies you can print and use on your lessons! If you learn English, there are more lessons you can do and learn from in this section. Good luck!

After you download the worksheets, please share the lesson with somebody you think could use it too and leave a comment below <3. This way more people will have a chance to use it and I will get more motivated to create more valuable materials! Thanks.

Click on the picture to download the two pages’ lesson worksheet.

Click on the picture to download the worksheet.

And because I know how teachers love answer keys, here you have your teacher’s copy to conduct the lesson with a smile on your face! If you learn and you’d like to check yourself, the teacher’s copy file is also for you after you complete the tasks!

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