Springtime! Lesson ideas for English teachers.

The first day of Spring falls on 21st March and I’m so extremely happy that it’s going to be a least a bit warmer, that I’ve prepared another lesson no-prep for you all English teachers! Spring and Easter time is a great opportunity for unique and super interesting lessons!
In this blog post, you will find a few lesson ideas for varied learners’ groups! I’ve made a link list of interesting materials you can enrich your lessons with. Editable pdf versions are already on your e-mail if you are on my mailing list!!! You will be able to send them separately to your students and ask them to send them back with answers!

1 . If you need a short video to send or show to your students, or use as a warm-up activity, this one is really cool. 10 stirring facts about spring.

Here I suggest asking your students what fact was the most surprising in their opinion and why. Of course, it’s just a video on YouTube, nobody can guarantee a complete truth of the facts. We practice listening skills and argumentation.

2 . If you need a video for younger learners, choose this one. The title may suggest that the material is only good for kids, but I think it’s perfect for all primary school groups. A lot of vocabulary, listening practice. The next one is longer, check.

3 . If you’re looking for a good and challenging articles that would raise your students’ interests and engage them in the lesson try these ones below! The first one lists 44 stirring facts about springtime, and the second text explains how the spring works, why in some areas nature does this or that. The material is perfect for your upper-intermediate students. You will practice reading skills as well as teach a lot of advanced vocabulary.


Click the link above to go to the article

4 . A few facts more, just in case you need more. It’s a good idea to send the sources to your students and ask them to create a presentation or some kind of discussion about spring. Choice is yours!:) You’ve got ideas and I think there will be a different one perfect for each of your groups.

Click the link above to go to the article

5 . Amazing spring material is my new Easter Pack with presentations and cards! Amazing facts about Easter worldwide, matura practice and more.


If you don’t yet have the previous amazing packs for Thanksgiving and Christmas, go see and get the special price for all the three sets of engaging materials! -> Check this out!

6 . Spring worksheet and vocabulary cards:

  • springtime reading practice for a free download! CLICK AND DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!
  • vocabulary cards for a free download! CLICK AND DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!
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8. You want more? If you teach kids check my YouTube playlist!

There are:

  • books about spring being read aloud,
  • spring songs,
  • short movies,
  • and more.. 🙂

I hope you like the ideas for amazing lessons for the spring months! Make the most of them and engage your students in the lessons raising their motivation! Leave a comment, share this post to support my work ! 🙂

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