Thanksgiving Resource Pack + a free worksheet.

When autumn comes, I usually start thinking of lesson material dedicated to the most important national holidays for the USA and the UK. It’s, of course, Thanksgiving Day for the Americans and Christmas for the British. Let’s remember that Thanksgiving Day is as important to Americans as Christmas to Poles!
For years of teaching, I’ve realised that not many English teachers conduct Thanksgiving lessons. It may be because it is a less known holiday in Poland. We tend to know more about Christmas, and somehow feel confident about it more than we do if it comes to Thanksgiving Day, so I guess this may be the reason. The following issue is the lack of lesson resources on the topic. When I scroll my Facebook, I see hundreds of ideas for Christmas lessons, printables, worksheets, and games. I don’t find a lot on Thanksgiving. I hardly find anything. In autumn, all teachers’ groups are mainly full of Haloween resources.
Today, I’d like to encourage you to conduct amazing lessons about Thanksgiving as the holiday is full of historical facts, passion, family atmosphere. Thanksgiving is the most important and most popular American holiday. Its features we can also find in the UK on so-called harvest festivals. In some Christian churches in Poland people also celebrate Thanksgiving Day. I wrote more about how people celebrate it in these countries in details in my last year’s post „Thanksgiving or friendsgiving + quiz”. Go there to read more!

So, let’s talk about the lesson material!
For the last two months, I’ve been working on Resource Packs for the holiday lessons! I’ve wished that there would be three amazing resource packs in my shop: one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and one for Easter. I wanted you to have a good-quality material for amazing and effective lessons with your students! I also wanted the resources to be very accurate, professional, attractive and diversified. It has finally happened! The two out of three packs have been finished and are available for you in elikeenglish shop!
I’m thrilled the job is done.

In Thanksgiving Pack XL you will find:
-> 10 pdf files with amazing lesson material for reading, writing, vocabulary, and speaking practice on levels A1-B2+!
-> answer keys to all tasks in separate files!
-> student’s copies ready to be sent to your students!
-> great designs, good quality
-> material has been checked by a native speaker!
-> it contains great authentic material!
-> Teacher’s Notes
Go to my shop, where you will find sample material and more details.

Buy Thanksgiving Pack.

I’ve also created an amazing Christmas Pack and it goes to my shop together with the Thanksgiving Pack just today! A special speaking material for your Christmas and winter lessons! See the samples in the shop!

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