My idea for a creative English lesson!

I’ve been reading a lot of posts on Facebook teaching groups asking for ideas for last English classes this year. Some of you would like to conduct the last English lesson in an attractive way and leave your students with a nice feeling of having a good time learning. So I’ve decided to prepare such material for you! 🙂

I’ve prepared two presentations. With the first one, you work with words given, on the basis of which your students will create their own sentences connected to the pictures attached. With the second presentation, you work with grammar units and your learners are to make a statement using the units and connect them to the pictures.

Pomoże ci przeprowadzić dodatkowe efektywne lekcje gramatyczno-leksykalne!

Download the presentations by clicking on the pictures below and comment or share as a „thanks” to me!:)

Click on the picture and download for free.
Click on the picture and download for free.

There are more lessons and worksheets ready for download here, in the Teacher’s area. In almost every post on this blog, you will find copies you can print and use on your lessons! If you learn English, there are more lessons you can do and learn from in this section. Good luck!

After you download the presentations, please share the lesson with somebody you think could use it too and leave a comment below <3. This way more people will have a chance to use it and I will get more motivated to create more valuable materials! Thanks.

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